Youth Classes

Youth Silks with Lauren Charnow

Kría Aerial Arts is now offering classes for youth. Young people ages 11-16 are invited to join Youth Silks. Aerial silks is a fun way to build coordination, strength and confidence. Students will learn to wrap the fabric around them to achieve different poses and build strength as they learn different climbs.  Learn how to fly with instructor Lauren. This class meets two times per week for eight weeks with a focus on creating performance pieces. Students can join once a week on Mondays or join our performance team that meets on Mondays and Wednesdays

16-hour course 
Monday and Wednesday 19:00-20:00

Price: 41,000kr

Kids Silks with Lauren Charnow

Young people ages 9-12 are invited to join Kids Silks. Meet new friends and explore aerial silks. We will start with group games and a group warm-up followed by time on the silks. On the silks students will learn basic body positions to build strength, coordination, and confidence. This class meets once a week for eight weeks. 

8-hour course 

Price: 22.000kr

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