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Silly Suzy is a fun-loving clown who can't wait to meet you! She is available for hire for birthday parties and other events. Silly Suzy wants to share her love of circus arts with you.

She is currently living in Iceland. Suzy loves learning Icelandic and is excited to make new friends in this amazing country. 

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Silly Suzy and Friends 

Silly Suzy and Friends.png

Silly Suzy, Momo, and Salla Malla are three circus clowns ready to offer programming for your next event. Each clown has their own special clown skill and can juggle, do partner acrobatics, hula hoop, sing, dance, and even fly through the air on aerial silks! Our wholesome shows are fun for kids of all ages and include audience participation to get everyone singing and dancing. We often explore themes including accepting others who look or speak differently, conflict and resolution, as well as silly chicken fun, and are happy to design a custom program for your next event! We have previously performed at Borgarbókasafnið Árbær, Borgarbókasafnið Menningarhús Spönginni, Borgarbókasafnið Menningarhús Kringlunni, Borgarbókasafnið Úlfarsárdal, Borgarbókasafninu Grófinni, Melaskóli and Klettaskóli. 


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