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Kría Aerial Productions


GAME ON is an interactive aerial silks performance that examines fantasy vs reality. Guide three characters as they navigate a virtual world full of battles, new adventures, and powerful beings. In their quest for a new identity and a sense of purpose, their physical and virtual worlds become intrinsically intertwined. As they explore new facets  of their beings the characters grow increasingly disconnected from the physical world, fragmented across planes of existence.  Similar to a video game, the audience members will be invited to co-create the universe of the performance, thus influencing the characters’ destiny. With the audience as their guide, will the three characters find their way back to reality or will they get lost in their own virtual world forever? 

This aerial dance spectacle displays humor, grace, and beauty. Performers will climb, dance, and fall through the air on fabric curtains. The movement, lighting, and music will explore all dimensions of space, horizontally and vertically, experimenting with archetypal figures, meanings and expectations.

Aerialists: Alice Demurtas, Astridur Olafsdottir, Lauren Charnow
Composer: Adam Switala
Lighting Design: Arnar Ingvarsson
Costumer: Harpa Einarsdottir
Stage Manager: Angie Diamantopoulou

Video by Angie Diamantopoulou, Editing by Arnor Trausti Halldorsson, Music by Adam Switala



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Through the changing season, rise up and take your true form. Times are changing, and we cannot stay the same. Through this aerial exploration of the past and future, we will ascend new heights and discover who we truly are. It's only by embracing our rebirth that we can finally move forward, to create a new world around us and within ourselves.

Presented in the 2020 Reykjavik Fringe Festival and Ludlow Fringe Festival 


Our day to day lives might seem monotonous but our inner lives are rich and full of fantasy. If only we could see into the inner lives of those around us perhaps we could have a deeper understanding of each other. In this aerial performance explore the inner lives of everyday people expressed through lyra, silks, hammock, and pole performance. Enter our dreams and see who we imagine ourselves to be.

Presented in the 2019 Reykjavik Fringe Festival

Live Performance with Amanda Palmer

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