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Learn more about our classes and policies

What to expect in a trial class:

We will do a group warm-up including dynamic, and range of motion exercises to get the body ready for the silks. We will go over body positions on the floor and then move on to the silks. On the silks, we will do basic technique exercises close to the ground to work on back engagement and then work in a knot that can be up to a meter in the air but can be lower if students are more comfortable closer to the ground. All exercises can be modified to make the class accessible. Absolutely no previous experience is required.

What to wear for aerial silks classes:

Please wear athletic clothing that you are comfortable moving in to class. We will be going upside so a shirt that you can tuck into your pants is required. Leggings, shorts with leggings or compression shorts underneath, tank tops, leotards, unitards, and short sleeve tops are all great choices. 

Jewelry is not allowed on the silks as it can create holes in the silks and injure students. Please leave jewelry at home. If jewelry cannot be removed please tape it with medical tape to protect it from the silks. This includes fit bits, wedding rings, and other body piercings. 

Zippers, metal, or sequins should not be worn on silks. Please examine your athletic clothing and make sure what you choose to wear to class does not include any of these embellishments. 

Trial Class, Open Gym and Drop-in Class Cancellation and No-Show Policy:

If you need to cancel a trial class, drop-in class or open gym please be sure to cancel 24 hours before the class to receive a refund. If you do not show up for a class or contact us by email at to cancel 24 hours before class you will be responsible for paying the full class amount. 

Can I make up classes?

Unfortunately we do no offer make up classes at this time. 

Do you offer drop-in classes?

We offer courses that last for 13-15 week semesters If there is space in classes drop-in classes are available for students interested in ground-based classes or who have previous aerial silks experience (Silks 1 and higher). Please send an email to to talk to our instructors about availability

How do Open Gyms work?

You can email to see if there is availability during the drop-in open gym time. A single drop-in open gyms cost 2500kr. You may purchase open gym bundle packs at the following rates. Please keep in mind packs must be used before the end of the 12-week course session. Open gym packs do not roll over to future sessions. 


Open Gym 4 Pack


Open Gym 6 pack


Open Gym 8 pack


Open Gym 12 pack


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