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Kría Aerial Productions


Through the changing season, rise up and take your true form. Times are changing, and we cannot stay the same. Through this aerial exploration of the past and future, we will ascend new heights and discover who we truly are. It's only by embracing our rebirth that we can finally move forward, to create a new world around us and within ourselves.

Presented in the 2020 Reykjavik Fringe Festival and Ludlow Fringe Festival 


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Our day to day lives might seem monotonous but our inner lives are rich and full of fantasy. If only we could see into the inner lives of those around us perhaps we could have a deeper understanding of each other. In this aerial performance explore the inner lives of everyday people expressed through lyra, silks, hammock, and pole performance. Enter our dreams and see who we imagine ourselves to be.

Presented in the 2019 Reykjavik Fringe Festival

Live Performance with Amanda Palmer

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