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February Workshop

Join us for two weeks of aerial workshops to start your new year off right. Workshops are offered from January 4th through the 14th at Sævarhöfði and Norðlingabraut locations. We have an incredible lineup of topics and instructors so you can jump back into training after the holiday break. 


Aerial Silk Intensive with Alice Demurtas

Saturday, February 18th 10:00-14:30

Sævarhöfði 31


Alice Demurtas has been working as a silks instructor since 2019, honing her aerial skills under the mentoring guidance of Kria Aerial Arts founder Lauren Charnow. Since then, the duo has been collaborating on a wide variety of circus-based projects, including silks performances and clowning shows. Alice and Lauren first began their creative collaboration with Tjarnarbíó with their show Rebirth, hosted during the 2020 Reykjavík Fringe Festival. The following year, the duo joined forces again to put on the independently-produced interactive aerial silks performance ‘GAME ON,’ which premiered in Tjarnarbio.

Alice’s education approach is methodical and discipline-oriented, with classes that focus heavily on conditioning. Her focus on strength development aims at building strong anatomical foundations for aerialists, where proper form, correct muscle engagement, and adequate muscular power becomes the basis for optimal technique on the apparatus.

In addition, Demurtas has recently developed an interest in the exploration of space and movement on a vertical plane after training under a roster of international silks artists in Barcelona, where creative techniques based on the deconstruction of movement both on the floor and in the air were aimed at opening new pathways for aerial experimentations.

Prerequisites: Students must either be able to invert or execute a Fan Hip Key with ease.

If you have questions about the workshop contact us at or fill out our contact form here

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