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Ground Classes

Handstands and Tumbling with Lauren Charnow

This class focuses on handstand technique and basic tumbling. A great opportunity to build body awareness on the floor so you can feel more comfortable in the air. Handstands work the opposite muscles as aerial silks helping aerialists balance their bodies. We will practice forward rolls, backward rolls, cartwheels, bridges, and walk-overs. Half of the class will be dedicated to handstand technique to help you find balance and confidence in your ability to stand on your hands. T

These classes are not currently offered. Email to join a waiting list or receive private lessons. 

Partner Acrobatics with Tom Burke and Jóakim Kvaran

This class will focus on the basics of basing, flying, and spotting; sharing balance; and giving and supporting weight, particularly in the context of standing acrobatics. And of course, working on some fun poses and moves! No prior experience is required. It is also not required to sign up with a partner, though if you would prefer to work with a specific person, it is best to bring them with you. The first three weeks will be taught by Tom Burke and the final three weeks by Jóakim Kvaran.

This course meets one time per week for 6 weeks at the Hringleikur Gym at Sævarhöfði 31

12- hour course starting in January 2023

Tuesdays 17:00-19:00

Price: 32.000isk

Flexibility with Lauren Charnow

Improve your flexibility through active and passive stretching. This course is open for students of all levels and is designed to help build mobility in joints and muscles. We will explore the body's range of motion and gradually work towards flexibility goals. This class will work on bridges, splits, and straddles.

These classes are not currently offered. Email to join a waiting list or receive private lessons. 

Winter Class Schedule

Kria Aerial Arts Timetable template - jan 2023_edited.jpg

All classes take place in Fylkir Gymnastics Gym, Norðlingabraut 12 ,110 Reykjavík Iceland

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