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Námskeið - Courses

Kría Aerial Arts offers aerial silks classes and ground classes for students of all ages and abilities. Aerial silks is a circus-based artform where performers explore making shapes in special fabric curtains by climbing and wrapping the fabric around themselves. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive environment where anyone who wants to explore the amazing world of aerial silks can. Beginners start close to the ground building body strength and awareness so they can gradually work towards more difficult skills. Our curriculum is designed to make learning new skills fun and achievable while getting an incredible workout. 


Classes offer absolute beginners an accessible introduction to aerials with our experienced coaches. Intermediate and Advanced students will be challenged to take their training to the next level and explore creativity exercises. Youth classes are also offered so the whole family can fly!

We also offer ground-based classes in handstands that work opposite muscles as aerial silks to provide balance to the body. Flexibility classes are open to all levels and focus on developing passive and active flexibility through stretches and exercises borrowed from yoga, gymnastics, pilates, and circus arts-based training regimens. These classes will help aerialists feel more comfortable with their bodies as they continue aerial training. We occasionally offer other courses from guest teachers so keep an eye out for our special classes. 


If you have specific questions about what class is right for you contact us at

Photos From Class

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Classes are taught a the Fylkir Gymnastics Gym at Norðlingabraut 12 as well as the Hringleikur Gym at Sævarhöfði 31

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